Sunflowers in bloom

Maury County has some of the prettiest countryside in Tennessee and that’s saying a lot. We have winding roads that roll over hills, through wooded lanes and down into valleys with vistas that should be on postcards. From the beautiful Duck River glistening in the sun to century old farmhouses, a drive on the backroads can be a real getaway and great way to discover new places.

Recently, while driving past fields of corn, I encountered a dreamlike landscape of giant sunflowers in bloom. They stretched from the road to a distant row of trees. Definitely photo worthy. So I hopped out of the car and took a few. Moments like these have a certain magic. Discovering a place that you have never seen before is part of the fun of driving through Maury County. Its a great way to take a trip without having to travel far. There are certainly more discoveries waiting.

I highly recommend adding a little bit of wandering to your visit to Maury County. There are great small diners, country stores, antiques and of course the beautiful scenery of Middle Tennessee just down the road a bit.