No Day Like Mule Day

Mules have been a part of the history of Maury County from the beginning. Some say it is something in the soil that makes our mules bigger and just a little better than anywhere else in the world. Is that true? Well, let’s just say we think a lot of our mules. So much so that we celebrate every year with Mule Day. Actually, its a whole week, but the main event (so to speak) is the Mule Day parade. Never in your life have you seen so many mules in one place. Of course there are horses too along with riders, marchers, dancers and a politician or two if it is an election year.

Mule Day 2016 was another amazing year. Attendance was up again and the weather was just right for a parade. People lined the streets from Garden and all the way down W 7th St in Columbia to see and be a part of the festivities. Children young and old alike wave flags and delight at the procession of animals. It is truly a sight to see and everyone should come to the parade at least once in a lifetime.

The parade ends up at the Maury County Park where a carnival like atmosphere features food, crafts, pulls, music and of course mules. There is so much to do during the week that one blog post won’t do it justice. However, there will be another Mule Day coming in the Spring. Best start making plans to be there. Hotel reservations will fill up quickly as thousands of people come from all over to take part in this wonderful bit of Americana.