November Signature Luncheon

Join the Spring Hill Chamber for this Signature November Luncheon on Nov. 19th from 11:15 – 1 pm.
Sponsor: Bone and Joint Institute
Lunch by: TBA
Members: $20
Virtual: $10
Additional $5 for walk-ins
Speaker: Daphne DeLoren
Topic: ‘Living with Purpose. How to Turn Pain into Your Future Privilege.’
Purpose exists in everything and everyone. We were each created uniquely, with gifts and talents no one else on this earth has and one of the biggest tragedies is passing through this life without meaning or purpose. Life was meant to be lived abundantly, without robotic countdowns until the weekend. Each breath and heartbeat is a gift and there’s a very particular reason you’re here right now. When unforeseen storms and pain hit our life, they can easily deter us from our very mission. When we become aware of this and accept challenges as opportunities to gain strength, to learn a great lesson, the temporary pain becomes our future privilege. We can’t control when the storm hits or how strong it is but we can control how we choose to respond.


Nov 19 2020


11:15 am - 1:00 pm


UAW Hall
Spring Hill, TN