Bleu 32 Comes to Downtown

There are some remarkable buildings in Downtown Columbia. Many people in Maury County will have fond memories of shopping on W 7th at J.C. Penny. Though Penny’s has been gone for quite a while, it’s exciting to know that you can once again shop in that great space. Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace is now open. The store used to be … Read More

Sunset Rhythm & Vines

Natchez Hills Winery is a pleasure to visit any time. However, there is something almost magical about being in the vineyards to see the setting sun. That’s probably why the Rotary Club chose to have their annual event on this location and time of day. Good choice! This event has become a favorite for folks in Maury County for obvious … Read More

Mule Town Amateur BBQ Cook-off

Ah, the smell of smoked meats! Visitors to Columbia’s Riverwalk Park got more than their fair share of that aroma this past Saturday during the 2nd Annual Mule Town Amateur BBQ Cook-off. Teams of cookers came to compete in this KCBS sanctioned event. One side of the park was full of smokers, trailers and tents for all the competitors. The … Read More

No Day Like Mule Day

Mules have been a part of the history of Maury County from the beginning. Some say it is something in the soil that makes our mules bigger and just a little better than anywhere else in the world. Is that true? Well, let’s just say we think a lot of our mules. So much so that we celebrate every year … Read More

Sunflowers in bloom

Maury County has some of the prettiest countryside in Tennessee and that’s saying a lot. We have winding roads that roll over hills, through wooded lanes and down into valleys with vistas that should be on postcards. From the beautiful Duck River glistening in the sun to century old farmhouses, a drive on the backroads can be a real getaway … Read More

Third Thursday Jazz

You love jazz or maybe you don’t love jazz (yet). Either way, Third Thursday Jazz is on at Puckett’s Downtown Columbia. Those of you lucky enough to get a table were treated to incredible sounds with Marcus Finney and his band. Trombone, sax, keyboard, bass and drums. Oh, and the occasional conch shell (you had to see it to believe … Read More

The Wonder of Cheek’s Bend

Maury County is rich in history with it’s wonderful architecture and antebellum homes. However, our County is also rich in environmental history as well. For those that enjoy a great hike, Cheek’s Bend is a short, but extremely rewarding trek. The trail takes you through wooded areas and across creek beds of stone as you wind your way down to … Read More